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Companion Animal Behaviour Institute

Terms and Conditions of Enrolment:

Cancellation Policy;

Any student who cancels from their course within 21 days from the date of enrolment, will receive a full refund of fees paid. Any student who cancels more than 21 days after their initial enrolment will be liable to pay one-third of the full course cost for each month of their enrolment providing no course units have been submitted for assessment prior to cancellation. Once course units have been submitted for assessment no refund is due. Any student who has not yet submitted any course units for assessment and who cancels from their course three months or more after their initial enrolment, will be liable for the full amount of the course cost.

Should an application for enrolment be refused, the Institute shall without providing a reason, refund all money paid as part of the application for enrolment in full. 

Institute programs are subject to change without notice.

No course material may be reproduced or copied or loaned to any other person or institution.

The relationship between the Institute and the student shall not constitute a relationship of partnership or joint venture or any other relationship where the Institute or agent of the Institute can be held responsible in any way for any actions or words of any student.

Any usage of the official Marks, Logos and the Name 'Companion Animal Behaviour Institute' and any other goodwill established thereby shall ensure to the exclusive benefit of the owner of the Marks, Logos and the Name.

All students must follow the policies of the Institute unless approval to do otherwise is received in writing.

Students and graduates of the Institute will respect the good name of the Institute and will maintain the highest possible standards of confidentiality, ethics and behaviour in all relevant practices concerning their clients and the Institute, and will at no time through either word or deed, place the Institute or its Agents into disrepute. The Institute reserves the right to cancel without refund, any student who uses abusive, bullying or offensive language to the Institute or its staff.