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Companion Animal Behaviour Institute

Dog love Become a certified pet behaviourist with one of the Institute's online pet behaviour courses. Learn how to modify problem behaviour in dogs and cats.

With our online pet courses you will be able to consider exciting new vocational opportunities working within the pet-care industry.

Companion Animal Behaviourists... Behaviour Consultants... Pet Therapists... Pet Counsellors... Pet Psychologists (the title may vary, but the role remains the same) are in high demand today and you can begin your career as soon as you graduate. The behaviour modification skills you will learn can potentially save the lives of many dogs and cats who may otherwise be abandoned by owners who can't cope.

The Institute's courses have attracted a great deal of recognition both within Australia and overseas with our international students coming from USA, UK, Europe, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Middle East and Asia. Our student body ranges from managers and staff of catteries, dog boarding kennels, pet shops, animal shelters, pet minders, pet sitters, veterinary clinics and hospitals etc.

Is it your dream to work with animals professionally?

# Certificate in Companion Animal Behaviour (Canine & Feline)

# Certificate in Canine Behaviour

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Certificate in Companion Animal Behaviour (Canine & Feline)
* Pamper Your Cat (100 Recipes)
* 101 Tips to Buying and Owning a Cat
* Cat Stuff
* The Dog Owners Manual
* Training Your Puppy
* Dieting Your Dog
* Housebreaking Your Dog


CABI has helped me develop a valuable understanding of canine behaviour which my family and I apply every day to our three dogs. Through my training with CABI we have been able to address their undesirable behaviours... I would like to thank you CABI for sticking with me and allowing me to get through the course in the excessively extended time that I needed.
Tanya H - Qld

After completing your Canine Behaviour Certificate I enrolled with another online college to do additional studies. There is no comparison between the two colleges when it comes to service delivery... CABI is the one I will be recommending. Thank you CABI, I really enjoyed the course content and I was very impressed with the communication between myself, the tutors and administration. Well done CABI.
Elesa D - NSW

I have just commenced another off-campus course (concentrating solely on dog training) with another Institute and, by comparison, I can see how superior CABI is in its course content. You really have got it right. I learnt so much and have already commenced my career as an animal behaviourist and used my skills to successfully help people with pet problems. If I am successful as an animal behaviourist, I owe it all to CABI.
Kipley B - NSW

The course was easy to understand and so helpful, I learnt so much!!! I am a veterinary nurse and I’m so glad that I did the course because I am now able to help my clients with behavioural problems and therefore create stronger relationships between pets and owners. Thank you; it really is a fantastic course. 
Hayley P - Vet Nurse - NSW 

I would like to say... this has been a fun and fabulous course. We are farmers and I wanted to do this course to make sure I was giving our best friends and work mates (dogs) the best possible life both physically and mentally, we love our dogs to bits, and thank you to you guys at CABI I now know how to keep them happy and help them when they need it. Thank you. 
Jodie-Anne L - South Aust

I have learned so much more than I thought I would. I am glad that I chose the course as its contents covered everything I wanted to cover. 
Jenni R - Vet Nurse - UK

I loved doing the course, it was one of the best courses I have done, not just for my own knowledge on dog problems, but it taught me a lot about people problems too. I believe it will go a long way in helping me work within the animal care industry. I have recommended it to lots of people, if not just to enhance work prospects within the animal care industry, but for their own benefit working with their own dogs. I loved it thanks so much. 
Lyn S - Qld

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